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AKA Advanced Technologies, founded by Shimon Mizrach, PhD, has developed many systems using mechanical,

optical, machine to machine (M2), and machine to web electronic solutions.

AKA Advanced Technologies outsources engineering teams and electronics consultants that

specialize in the development of multi-disciplinary Hi-Tech solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Development of ultra- low power consumption systems and rechargeable and alkaline battery-based systems.

  • Development of software and hardware for control and supervision systems.

  • Management of software development teams in the Windows environment.

  • Development of algorithms and software code in C++, C, and Assembler.

  • Development of VHDL sections for the CPLD/FPGA.

  • Use of systemic viewpoint and the development of original solutions.

  • Processors of the 51 family and Microchip PIC, ARM Cortex M3 M4 M7.

  • Mastery of Wireless GSM and CDMA, WiFi, and BLE.

AKA Technology
Why the name Aka:

AKA was named after the founder's parents, Aka and Ada Mizrachi, who  since the very beginning, helped provide the impetus that led to AKA's success

עדה מזרחי
אקא מזרחי
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